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The Philosophy

At Touch of Life, we believe that life is a celebration.

When dealing with preconception, conception, ante-natal, birth and postnatal care, we strive to make the whole experience around this event joyful for our patients and their families. Such an experience is only possible with careful attention to detail and personalized service seldom offered by other clinics.

We believe in offering complete care to address common Gynaecologic conditions, involving the patient in every stage of decision-making concerning her medical problem.

We also treat facets associated with gynaecology such as Nutrition, Counselling, Dietetics, Homeopathy, Dermatology, Cosmetology, and Physiotherapy.

Come, experience the synergy of responsible healthcare.

Dr Nina Mansukhani - Obstetrician and Gynecologist

To truly make a difference, Dr Nina embarked on an idea behind a clinic that goes beyond routine treatment. She is a consultant with Jehangir Hospitals, Pune, and strongly believes in natural birth practises. She is also closely associated with Endocrinology, Laparoscopy, High-risk Pregnancy, Preventive Women’s health, Menopause-related issues, and Adolescent Gynaecology.

Treatments offered:

Endocrinology: Management of PCOD, Hirsutism, acne, weight-gain issues, thyroid issues
Laparoscopy: Management of Ovarian cysts, Endometriosis, Infertility, Fibroids, Hysterectomy
High-risk pregnancy
Adolescent Gynaecology
Abortion and Contraception
Infertility treatments
Period problems
Menopause-related issues
Pregnancy care
High-risk pregnancy management

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The Clinic

Our multi-speciality clinic – located in East Street, Pune – offers facilities true to our philosophy of comfort and care for the patient.

Experienced doctors and consultants in the city

Laboratory services to complete your routine test requirements

Stem cell facilities

Flexibility in choosing your appointments and consultation timings

Health check packages for general tests

Healthcare drives at no charge for tests such as Pap smear

Our Specialities


Hormone Testing
Tumor Markers
Hepatitis Markers
Autoimmune Panel
Allergy Panel
Infectious Disease Testing
Cytology & Histopathology

Home Visits (for blood collection)
Online Reports

DiagnoGenese healthcare Pvt Ltd has been providing the Touch of Life clinic most of its diagnostic services.
Abreast with the state-of-art technologies, latest instruments and an equally advanced IT system, the diagnosis is precise and accepted widely. The instruments in application are certified by global standards.

Touch of Awareness

Antenatal Program

The monthly Antenatal Program is conducted at the clinic to highlight the importance of natural delivery and birth practices. The program is targeted towards couples who are motivated for the same. Wholesome advice regarding diet and exercise schedules are also discussed.The highlight of the workshop is the high normal delivery rate achieved.

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Annual Cancer Screening Program

The campaign against cervical cancer is conducted every year. Free Pap smear and highly discounted tests like HPV screening are offered in addition to subsidised vaccinations.

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Menopause Awareness and Disease Prevention Program

The issue of Menopause and its shortcomings are regularly discussed in this program. Osteoporosis, mood disorders, urological problems are also deliberated upon, screened and treated accordingly.

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