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Epidural – To take or not to take?

Epidural- To take or not to take?

Of course! You must.

Pregnancy and the journey are unique to every individual. However what is common – in labor pain? The contractions, the screaming, the crying – oh! The labor room drama – all stops with this one small injection- The Epic Epidural.

I’ve had two children and during both my deliveries I took this shot. I requested in advance for this because I know that science and medicine have progressed to a level to make the most difficult of pain, labor pain, easy.
There are a lot of doubts surrounding the use of epidural and people still wanting to deliver babies as they did in the Iron Age. Why would you not make use of something that makes life easy? As far as recovering from the epidural is in doubt – it is the same as recovering from normal epidural less labor. You must continue your vitamins and slowly strengthen yourself with exercise.

As always there is ample room for doubt with something new, but epidural has been here for quite some time now and is making labor far easier. Why put yourself through such massive pain when you have a solution?
My advice, listen to the Doctors advice and make it easy for you.

Riddhi Abhishek

The use of Epidural during delivery is definitely a boon to medical science and a blessing for all women in labor. As per my personal experience, I would definitely say that it was a savior for me. My labor pains had started at 9p.m at night and I was 2cm dilated. By morning 8 a.m the contractions had increased much but I was still 3cm dilated only. While the contractions had reached 40% I was in a lot of pain and then me & my husband opted for an epidural on doctor’s suggestions as I still had to reach 100% dilation. The consent form was signed and the doctors started preparing for epidural injection. A small catheter was placed with the help of an injection in the spine. The entire procedure of it took about 10mins. After the epidural was injected it took around 10-12 more minutes for me to realise that the pain had subsided. Though my contractions started to increase to about 70-80-90, what I could feel was nothing compared to what extent I would have felt the pain. After a few hours, I started to feel the contractions strongly again but by that time I had reached 100%. I was taken to the delivery room wherein I had started to push my baby. During then as well the pain was much less consideration to what I have heard it usually is. Finally, at 1:20 p.m. I delivered my baby girl on 30th November. Both I and my baby were healthy and are still healthy. The use of epidural doesn’t zero the pain but it definitely decreases for quite a good time period. Also after its use, I haven’t had any complaints regarding it nor any bodily issues or back pain. So for all women who don’t have complications and if the doctor recommends then there’s no harm in going for an epidural. I would thank Dr Nina Maam & the team for being such great support during the entire time and also for educating me regarding epidural injection due to which i had smooth, not-too-painful labor.

Priyangi Kankariya

Sharing my experience with epidural analgesia:

“I heard that labor pains are really intense but it was much more than I had imagined when it started. A quick 5-minute simple procedure to get the epidural analgesia provided so much relief. I was aware of the contractions and the entire process of labor minus the crippling pain. It actually helped me to keep calm and focus on the pushing to deliver my baby. Post-delivery the catheter was simply removed with no side effects for me or the baby.”

Ritika Chaudhary

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