Coping with changes in your body during pregnancy
15 Nov

Coping with changes in your body during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase that brings about a wave of changes in a woman, both physical as well as mental. We at Touch of Life are here to help moms-to-be deal with the antenatal and postnatal changes in their bodies. Here, we share some ways you can ease your journey towards motherhood.

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Tackle The Changes With Ease

At the outset, it’s important to know that there is a surge in hormone levels and blood circulation within your body during pregnancy. This is what’s primarily responsible for most of the uneasy symptoms you face during those nine months. Just remember that your body is creating the necessary environment for you to nurture a new life. Speaking of nurturing, here are some best practices you can adopt to keep your body and mind healthy during pregnancy:

Don’t Count The Calories

Pregnancy is not the best time to go on a diet, as the lack of nutrients can prove detrimental to your baby’s health. As long as your weight gain is within the recommended range, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating like a queen. Break down your meals into smaller portions, eat every two hours, and keep yourself well hydrated to remain comfortable throughout the day.

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Say No To Junk and Yes To Nutrition

While it is totally alright to pamper yourself and give into those cravings, you must keep a watch on the type of food you eat. Remember, you are laying the foundation for your baby’s development. Supplement your diet with fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and healthy snacks to keep your baby well-fed.

Stay active

A daily walk in the park during the evening or exploring prenatal yoga can help you keep weight gain in check, and also keep your mind happy and positive. However, begin any pregnancy exercise regimen only after consulting  your gynecologist.

Go Easy On Skin Care

For those of you who are wondering if  the stretch marks will ever go, remember that scars are the symbol of a warrior’s pride and valor! While your stretch marks may not completely disappear, they can be controlled to a large extent. You can start by applying anti-stretch mark creams right from the second trimester to manage those lines. The good news is that the pregnancy hormones give you a natural glow, which means you don’t have to do much else to look and feel beautiful.

Create a Sound Support System

As pregnancy is the stepping stone to expand your family, it makes sense to include your family and close friends in the experience. At Touch Of Life, we have seen that pregnant women who receive support at home and work have a healthier antenatal experience and postnatal recovery. Explore these ideas to include your loved ones as you progress into your pregnancy:

–  Divide  your work with colleagues to  help keep work-related stress at bay

– Talk to friends who have already been there and done that. While every pregnancy and birthing experience is unique, peer counseling can lower your anxiety

– Signing up for birthing classes along with your husband will put many things into perspective. You will be able to take on the challenges of labor and baby care easily. These sessions also help you gain confidence and feel good about your pregnant body.

– Have your mother or mother-in-law accompany you during antenatal care visits. It is a good time to bond with the to-be-grandmas.

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Give Yourself A Pat On The Back

Creating a tiny human being is no mean feat. This is the time to feel like a goddess, as you are bringing into the world  brand new life. When you look into the mirror, it is important to cherish your new responsibility with an upbeat frame of mind. In order to give your little one the best care, maintaining a positive frame of mind is as important eating healthy and staying active.

You can always count on Touch Of Life for your prenatal and postnatal counseling and care. Walk in to meet our maternity care experts or call us to book an appointment today!

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